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cynthia 2

Det er ikke bare demokratene og republikanerene som har presidentkandidater.
Det amerikanske miljpartiet De Grnne er ogs med i valgkampen,
og jeg har forelsket meg helt i kandidaten deres, Cynthia,og alle meningene hennes.

"Freedom also includes the rights to education, health care, housing, living wages, and freedom from racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, gentrification, and police terror. Therefore, elimination of all health, education, home ownership, and social justice disparities must form the foundation of every plank of any acceptable political and economic platform that seeks to address the real concerns of the peoples of the Americas. (...) We believe that the federal government is responsible and obligated to implement an economic policy that provides an opportunity for every family to have gainful employment at a guaranteed income. No family should remain mired below the poverty level when the head of household works in a full-time job. We believe that workers must be free to organize unions wherever and whenever they choose. We believe that by setting a goal of carbon neutrality within the next 20 years, our country can begin the shifts in investment necessary to fuel an investment renaissance in jobs, energy independence from fossil fuels, and manufacturing. (...) Official statistics fail to capture the immense pain and suffering being experienced by the American people, especially people of color. We need massive infrastructure investments and a greening of our economy that can also put people to work. An end to the illegal and immoral war/occupation of Iraq can provide much needed funding for such an initiative that would focus on rebuilding the skills of every able-bodied American and restoring manufacturing jobs in this country to assist in the greening of our economy. (...) We need equal pay for equal work. It is intolerable that women and minorities performing the same job as white men receive less pay. (...) We believe in full reproductive rights for women -- for legal rights and safe access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal/infant care; family planning services and contraception, including "morning after" medication; and abortion."


Kort sagt:
Mindre forskjeller p rik og fattig, svart og hvit, kvinne og mann.
Slutt p privateide helsetjenester og skoletilbud.
Grnnere miljpolitikk.

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